Dream Clean Mop The Floor Cleaning System, That Never Mops With Dirty Water!

  • Separates clean and dirty water so you never have to mop with dirty water again
  • Innovative, dual chamber bucket system with an inner clean water bucket and an outer dirty water bucket 
  • Uses spin technology to spray the mop with clean water from the inner bucket, whilst dirty water is spun out of the mop head and into the outer bucket
  • The spin technology also removes excess water FAST! So, you won't leave behind that messy excess water trail and your floors will dry faster!
  • Silicon cleaning teeth help remove hair and debris from the mop head as it spins
  • Rinse your mop OVER AND OVER with clean water, before having to empty the dirty water and refill the clean water bucket 
  • The spin mop design is perfect for hard-to-reach places, like above and beneath furniture or appliances
  • The mop has a 180 degree swivel head
  • The mop handle is detachable, and separates into 3 pieces, for compact easy storage under any sink or cupboard
  • The soft microfibre mop pad is safe to use on hard surfaces including wood, tile, stone, glass, vinyl and laminate. Use it wet or dry (for dusting)
  • Machine Washable, reusable mop pad – don’t waste money on disposable mop pads.
  • The Dream Clean system includes:
    • Dual chamber bucket
    • Dream Clean mop with 3-piece handle
    • One super absorbent reusable microfibre mop pad
    • An additional bonus mop pad

Q: What temperature water can the Dream Clean Mop bucket be filled with?

The Dream Clean mop bucket should be filled with cold or warm water. Do not use hot water.

Q: What kind of cleaning solutions work best with the Dream Clean mop?

All low corrosive cleaning solutions and detergents are safe to use with the Dream Clean Mop. If you prefer to stay chemical free, simply clean with water and vinegar for equally effective results. Harsh chemicals such as chlorine and bleach are not recommended for use with the Dream Clean mop.

Q: What is included with the Dream Clean Mop?

The Dream Clean Mop includes the dual chamber bucket and the Dream Clean Mop with its super absorbent, reusable Microfibre Mop Pad.

Q: Is the Dream Clean Mop Pad machine washable?

Yes, the Dream Clean Mop pad is safe to clean in a washing machine on cold, or less than 30°C. Do not tumble dry.

Q: What surfaces can the Dream Clean Mop be used on?

Dream Cleans microfibre mop head is perfect for all types of hard surfaces including wood, tile, stone, glass, vinyl and laminate surfaces.

Q: How long is the Dream Clean Mop handle?

The Dream Clean Mop handle comes in 3 pieces and when assembled, the handle is 100cm long. You can remove the middle piece if you prefer a shorter handle.

Q: Is the Dream Clean Mop handle detachable?

Yes! The Dream Clean Mop handle is detachable and separates into 3 pieces for compact, easy storage.

Q: Does the Dream Clean mop head rotate?

Yes! The Dream Clean Mop has a 180 degrees swivel head and along with its slim design, is perfect for hard-to-reach places like above and beneath furniture or appliances.

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