Huggle™ Slipper Socks Ultra-Plush, Non-Slip Slipper Socks

  • Ultimate home slippers – keeps your feet warm and cosy
  • Combines the cosiness of a fleece boot with the convenience of a sock
  • Ultra-Plush cable knit weave on the outside and lined with ultra-soft, Sherpa style premium fleece on the inside
  • Non-slip silicone grips on the sole – no more slipping and sliding
  • Tall sock design – complete foot and ankle warmth
  • One size fits most – keep the whole family’s feet warm
  • Machine washable – always stays fluffy & soft
  • Easy to slide on and take off
  • Buy 1 pair, get 1 more

Q: What size are the Huggle™ Slipper Socks?

The Huggle™ Slipper Socks are a one size fits most design, making them the perfect for the whole family.

Q: Are the Huggle™ Slipper Socks machine washable?

Yes. The Huggle™ Slipper Socks are machine washable, so you can keep them clean, fluffy and soft

Q: What are the Huggle™ Slipper Socks made from?

Huggle™ Slipper Socks are made from an 100% acrylic fabric outer layer, 100% polyester lining and on the inside of the sock there is ultra-soft sherpa style fleece.

Q: Are Huggle™ Slipper Socks slippery on floors?

The Huggle™ Slipper Socks have non-slip silicone grips on the sole so you stay safe and secure even on stairs or slippery hard floors.

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