Scratch Solution Formula Bottles Apply the Scratch Solution Formula to Reduce Surface Scratches

  • 2 x 100g Scratch Solution Formula Bottles 
  • Unique Scratch Solution Formula
  • Made with millions of micro particles
  • Reduces surface scratches when used with the applicator tool (Scratch Solution applicator sold separately)
  • High speed rotations activate the formula giving a smooth, shiny finish
  • Works on any colour & most paints & vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, boats and caravans.

To find out more about how Scratch Solution can help reduce scuffs, scrapes, scratches & other imperfections on your vehicle, CLICK HERE!

Q: How many bottles of the Scratch Solution formula are included?

2 bottles of the Scratch Solution formula are included with each order. Scratch Solution applicator not included. Sold separately. To purchase or find out more information about the complete Scratch Solution System, CLICK HERE 

Q: How big are the Scratch Solution Formula Bottles?

Each bottle of Scratch Solution formula is 100g.

Q: How does the formula work?

The super-fast rotations of the Scratch Solution applicator generate friction and heat, which then activates the formula. This system blends together the paint molecules, reducing the appearance of surface scratches, leaving a smooth, shiny surface.

Q: Does the Scratch Solution formula work on any vehicle?

Scratch Solution formula can work on most vehicles from cars, boats, motorcycles, caravans and more.

Q: What automotive paint systems does the Scratch Solution formula work on?

Scratch Solution formula works on most automotive paint systems including, cellulose, single component and 2-pack acrylic clear coats, MS/HS paint systems, ceramic clear coats, UV clear coats, waterborne clear coats. Not for use on matte automotive paint. If you are unsure of your paint system or your paint system is not factory standard, consult your paint provider. It is recommended to perform a patch test in a small, unseen spot on your vehicle for an initial analysis of results.

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