Slim Cycle 2-in-1 Full Body Workout Built with Comfort & Ease In Mind!

  • 2-in-1 full body workout - upper and lower body
  • Combines cardio workout with arm strength training thanks to the included upper body resistance bands
  • Burn fat & lose weight whilst sculpting and toning your entire body
  • Super comfortable and easy to use machine
  • Easily adjust the position of the bike - upright for a faster paced workout or to recumbent for a more relaxing ride
  • Large, 6cm thick, cushioned seat with a supportive memory foam backrest
  • Easy to read digital display tracks calories, distance, speed and heart rate
  • 8 levels of magnetic resistance - just turn the dial to adjust/select/choose the intensity
  • Adjustable, upper body resistance bands
  • The handle and seat bars are in the perfect position for extra support
  • Low bar design makes it easy to get on and off the bike
  • Folds in half and wheels away for easy storage
  • Perfect for all fitness levels 
  • Whisper quiet, smooth pedalling system
  • Seat adjusts to accommodate heights 150cm to 193cm and hold up to 136 kilograms
  • 2 x AA Batteries included (for control panel / digital display)

Q: What are Slim Cycle's measurements?

Slim Cycle is 106cm H x 54cm W x 109cm L. When folded up, Slim Cycle measures 132cm H x 54cm W x 56cm L. 

Q: How much does Slim Cycle weigh?

Slim Cycle weighs approximately 17.8kg. 

Q: Is Slim Cycle easy to store?

Yes! Slim Cycle folds up in half like an ironing board and wheels away. Your Slim Cycle can easily fit in any closet for easy storage. 

Q: What does the Slim Cycle digital display track?

The Slim Cycles large LCD, digital display tracks time, calories, distance, and speed, while the odemeter shows kilometres. 

Q: Does Slim Cycle have a heart rate monitor?

Yes. Slim Cycle has a heart rate monitor built-in to the handlebars. When you rest your hands on the built-in heart rate monitor, the digital display will also show your pulse. 

Q: Can I adjust the upper body resistance bands?

Yes! The upper body resistance bands can be adjusted to increase or decrease the resistance. 

Q: How many pedal settings are there on Slim Cycle?

Slim Cycle features 8 magnetic resistance settings for the pedals. Simply turn the dial below the handlebars to increase or decrease the pedal resistance. 

Q: Is it easy to switch Slim Cycle from an upright to recumbent position?

Yes! All you have to do is twist the circular knob on the main frame to the left. Then, while stepping on the rear foot, lift up the bike while pulling the knob to adjust the angle. 

Q: Who is Slim Cycle suitable for?

Slim Cycle is ideal for those looking for a full body workout from home, whilst getting superior comfort and support. Seat adjusts to accommodate heights 150cm to 193cm and hold up to 136 kilograms. 

Q: What is Slim Cycles weight limit?

Slim Cycle can support any person up to 136kg. 

Q: Does Slim Cycle fitness system require assembly?

Yes, the Slim Cycle fitness system requires assembly. 

Q: Does Slim Cycle require batteries to operate?

Yes, Slim Cycle requires 2 x AA batteries for the digital display. 
Included with your order. 

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