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Tac Glasses Military Inspired Polarised Sunglasses


  • Polarised sunglasses  
  • Inspired by sunglasses worn in the military 
  • Light filtering technology 
  • Helps block harmful UV rays and glare - UVA/UVB protection
  • Improves visibility against reflective surfaces 
  • Enhances colours of what you’re seeing  
  • Improves optical clarity - even in low light  
  • Streamline design - 1 size fits all 
  • Lightweight and durable  
  • Scratch resistant and corrosion proof 
  • Great for all outdoor sports and leisure activities such as cricket, golfing, skiing, hiking & more! 
  • Buy 1 Get 1 More
  • *Tac Glasses are not suitable to be used whilst driving.

Q: Are Tac Glasses polarised?

Yes, Tac glasses are polarised and offer UVA/UVB protection. 

Q: How should the Tac Glasses be cleaned?

Cleaning your Tac Glasses on a regular basis can improve vision and optical comfort. Tac Glasses can be cleaned with warm water and if required standard eyewear cleaner. Then use a soft cloth to dry. 

Q: What size does the Tac Glasses come in?

Tac Glasses come in a 1 size fits all streamline design that will sit firm and comfortable on your face when worn.

Q: Do Tac Glasses come with a carry case?

Tac Glasses come with a soft cloth case for cleaning and storage.

Q: Why can't I drive while wearing Tac Glasses?

Tac Glasses are made with the highest Category 4 UV protection available - they block 92% of harmful Ultraviolet light from your eyes. As a result, they exceed the amount of tinting allowed when driving a vehicle in Australia and New Zealand.

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