XHose Pro™ The Incredible, Unbreakable, Expanding Hose!

  • Strong, powerful and durable hose  
  • Automatically expands up to 3x its original length when the water is turned on  
  • Automatically shrinks back to its compact size when the water is turned off 
  • Patented design will never twist, tangle or kink 
  • Outer layer is made from reinforced, high grade, drag resistant, Dacron 5 Polyester - specially woven to be super tough and strong  
  • Inner layer is made from thick, specially formulated latex - expands to produce more velocity and higher pressure 
  • Crush resistant brass fittings 
  • Wear and tear resistant 
  • Super lightweight - 7.5m hose weighs less than 1kg! 
  • Great for patios, gardens, cars and more 
  • Available in 3 sizes:  
    • 7.5m  
    • 15m  
    • 30m 
  • Includes BONUS Trigger Nozzle with 7 spray settings 
  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee 

Trial XHose Pro™ for 90 days and if it isn't the most durable hose, you've ever used send it back for a full refund of the product price. 

Must be returned within 90 days for a full refund of the product price less original P&H. Return postage at customer’s expense. Statutory rights still apply. 

Q: Can I use my existing hose attachments on my XHose Pro™?

Your XHose Pro™ comes with a 12mm and 22mm connector that is pre-fitted into the tap end of the hose. Unscrew the 12mm connector to access the 22mm connector option. Or release the 22mm connector from the quick connect attachment for the quick connect option. The 22mm, 12mm and quick-connect hose attachments will cover the majority of New Zealand outdoor taps.

For more details please see the hose attachments TAB. 

Q: How much does the XHose Pro™ weigh?

All sizes of the XHose Pro™ are extremely lightweight. The 7.5m hose with brass fitting weighs under 1kg. 

Q: Can I run hot water through the XHose Pro™?

The XHose Pro™ is only intended for use outdoors and not intended for hot water use. 

Q: Can I use the XHose Pro™ with a sprinkler?

Yes! The XHose Pro™ can easily be attached to your sprinkler. Your sprinkler will work the same way with XHose Pro™ as it does with any other ordinary hose. 

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